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King Air Mattress

Here is where you will find suppliers with many quality styles of the king air mattress at very affordable prices.   

There are many benefits to owning a king air mattress. Here are the benefits of a king air mattress and what to look for in buying one.

A king air mattress is ideal for people that need lots of room to sprawl about on a bed. It is also the size you want if you are tall and large.

Because they don’t have coil springs or foam that may deteriorate over time, an air mattress will keep much longer. These mattresses have healthful benefits also. Because of the material they are made of they don’t hold the same allergens and dirt as traditional mattresses.

A king air mattress will also hold its shape for many more years than a traditional mattress. The air mattress is filled with, as the name suggests, air. The materials in traditional mattresses break down over the years—they lose their support and firmness. That is why it is often suggested that a person should replace a traditional mattress every 6-8 years. A mattress filled with air will last twice as long or better.

Some models of the king air mattress have separate chambers for each side of the bed. This allows the bed to have different amounts of air in each side, resulting in different degrees of firmness. Each person can have the firmness that works best for them without their bed partner having to sacrifice. Usually the air pressure can be adjusted easily at the touch of a button.

Some models even have multiple air chambers that can be filled with different amounts of air pressure allowing more fine adjustments to select the best alignments for your head and hips. This helps each body to mold perfectly in the bed for a very comfortable night’s sleep.
Some people like to have enough space on their bed for a pet or child to sleep as well. A king air mattress is a good choice for this.

The king air mattress measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. A queen size air mattress is only 60 inches wide by 80 inches in length. So you get a full 16 inches more in width with the king. Be aware there is also a California King version that measures 72 in width by 84 in length.
In today’s buying environment there are many styles, brands, and features to choose from in the king air mattress.

Even the most basic king air mattresses come with a pump and are made of a high quality, durable, vinyl, nylon, or natural rubber. Some even have a soft velveteen top for added sleeping comfort.

These beds are generally used as temporary or budget sleeping solutions. Most of these air mattresses can inflate and deflate in less than a minute, making them a great choice for someone who needs to add an extra bed on short notice, or even for camping trips.

For a bed that is to be used on a more permanent basis you may want to look for styles that have multiple air chambers, with built-in pumps, and generally feature added top layers consisting of a memory foam, or latex foam material. These air beds generally have the ability to adjust the pressure within the air bed chambers to desired settings. Many of these air beds even feature dual controls which allow you to adjust each side to the preferred setting.

If you like to sleep on your back most of the time you will want an air bed that is firm. A firm mattress will provide enough resistance to keep your spine straight when sleeping.
If you prefer sleeping on your side, a bed that is less firm will generally be more comfortable. You will be best suited with an air mattress that will conform to the natural bumps and curves of the side sleeping position.

Any way you look at it there are many benefits to owning a king air mattress. We have searched the Internet and here are the suppliers that offer great selections with very affordable prices: Air Beds.com and Air Bed Warehouse.com.


Queen Size Air Mattress
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