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Intex Air Bed

Here is information and top suppliers of the Intex Air Bed with very affordable prices. 


Intex is one of the most recognized names in air beds. They are best known for their constant development of innovative designs in air beds that serve a variety of needs and offer a comfortable night’s sleep to every type of sleeper.  Intex manufactures in a wide range if sizes, especially the hard to find king and queen size air mattress versions.

Intex air beds have two categories:  one is  specifically designed for camping and the other is more intended for use in the home.

Intex camping air beds feature pumps that can quickly and easily inflate the bed in locations where power is limited. They offer a full range of airbeds, from basic vinyl bed up to a laminated camping bed that is several times more puncture resistant than regular air beds.

The Intex air beds designed for use in the home come in several choices as well. From a very basic flocked bed on up to a raised bed, topped with comfortable memory foam.

Here are some of the more popular selections of the Intex air beds:

Classic Downey—This is a waterproof air bed with a flocked top. It folds up easily for and is designed for storage and travel.

Comfort Top—The construction of this air mattress provides a pillow top feel and has a built in pump that inflates the bed in about 2 minutes.

The Delux Pillowrest—This is an air mattress with a pillow feature that is raised 19 inches off the ground. It includes a built in electric pump that will inflate and deflate the bed in about 4 minutes.

The Raised Comfort Top Bed—Raised 22 inches off the ground this mattress features comfort-top construction with a pillow top mattress feel and the added benefit of a raised platform.

The Air Flow—This is a mattress 20 inches off the ground and has a dual chamber construction for added durability and stability.

The Comfort Frame—Actually two beds in one, this features an inner mattress that pulls out as a separate bed. The sheets on this air bed can be tucked in.

Pillowrest—The pillowrest air bed is very popular and features a built-in pillow for extra comfort. It is raised 17.5 inches off the ground.

The Raised Downey--Elevated 22 inches off the ground, this mattress has a built-in AC pump that inflated and deflates in about 4 minutes.

Comfort Bed—For the ultimate in sleeping comfort this bed, raised 19 inches above the ground, features a remote control allowing one touch adjustment for firmness of the bed.

Foam Top—This air bed, raised 22 inches off the ground, has special high-tech memory foam designed to contour to the body for a great night’s sleep. It also includes a multi-directional remote control for easy inflation and firmness adjustment.

The Delux Frame –Is designed for the ultimate in comfort and durability. It is made of a laminated vinyl that is both durable and comfortable and fits snugly into a frame for added support. It is said to be “120 times more puncture resistant than regular airbeds.” This bed also has a built-in inflated back rest.

Here are suppliers we have found through our research of the Internet that offer Intex air beds for very affordable prices: Air Beds 4 Less.com and Air Bed Warehouse.com.


Queen Size Air Mattress
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