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Air Mattress Pump

If you have an air mattress you will need an air mattress pump.  Even if your air mattress comes with a built in pump there is always the possibility it could stop working.  If that happens, and it usually seems to when you need it most, a stand alone air mattress pump will come in very handy.  Here is information you will find helpful if you are in the market for an air mattress pump.

Pumps for air mattresses come in two categories:  there are those that are powered electrically or by batteries and there are those pumps that are powered manually.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The electric pumps are great if you know you will always have the luxury of electricity when you need them.  Around the house an electric pump is the best bet.  This type of pump will fill up an air mattress quickly, usually in just a minute or two, with very minimal effort. 

Electric air pumps come in different versions.  There are pumps that run off of batteries. There are pumps that plug directly into an electric socket or your home or a generator.  There are also electric pumps that will plug into the lighter of a car. 

Two tips for the electric pumps:  If you have the battery version, be sure you check and replace the batteries at least twice a year.  There is nothing se than to need your pump and find out the batteries have gone bad.  Also, if using the pump that plugs into the lighter for power, be sure the cord is long enough to reach out of your vehicle to get to the air mattress.  Some cords can be very short. 

The manual air mattress pumps some in two versions:  there are those that operate by pushing up and down a handle and there are those that operate by using a foot pedal.  Both of these have their merits. In fact, a trusty manual air pump is always a good to have, even if it is just a backup.  When you need to use your air mattress and the electric pump stops working, the manual pump can always get the job done.

The biggest drawback to the manual pump is that it takes a while to fill an air mattress, especially the larger versions like the queen size air mattress or the even bigger king size mattress.  Using this type of air mattress pump also requires much more physical effort than the electric version.

Of course, if your air mattress has a built in pump you may be good to go.  These can be very handy and are designed to make the job of filling your air mattress very easy.  Some even have a switch so that you can easily adjust the air pressure so you have your own personal preferred firmness.  Just as a precaution remember this--things can break.  It is always a good idea to have a back up pump, one that isn’t attached to the bed to do the job, just in case the other stops working.

We researched the Internet and here are suppliers we found that offer a wide selection of air mattress pumps at very good prices:  Air Mattress Kings.com and Air Beds 4 Less.com.


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