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Here you will find suppliers with great prices and helpful information on the air mattress frame that will fit your air mattress.

If you sleep on an air mattress on a regular basis, using an air mattress frame can be very helpful.  An air mattress frame serves many benefits.  We will go into those many benefits here and also provide help on what to look for in selecting the right air bed frame to best meet your individual needs.

The two biggest reasons air mattresses are helpful is that they help make the bed more durable by providing support.  As well, a frame can help to raise an air bed so it is easier to get in and out of.

Air beds can be great, but if you use them regularly they have a problem in that they are weakest at the edges.  If you sit on your air bed a lot or are a sleeper that tends to roll toward the edge of the bed that can put stress on the bed.  That kind of stress can lead to problems and can wear out your air bed sooner than you want.

The solution is to purchase a frame that is designed to fit the size and shape of your air bed.  The frame will wrap around the air bed and the snugly provide added stability so the bed retains its shape and firmness longer.

Some people use air beds for camping or for unexpected out of town guests.  Air beds come in different styles--those that are close to the ground and others that are raised at heights similar to a traditional bed.  If you have the lower profile type of air bed, you are a perfect candidate for an air mattress frame. 

It can be difficult for campers, out of town guests, or especially the elderly to have to lower themselves onto a lower profile air mattress bed.  When they awake they have to rise up to get to their feet.  This can be hard for many people.  The answer is to put the air mattress on a raised air frame.  That way the air bed is at a height similar to a bed and makes it much easier for everyone to use.

Here are a couple of tips when purchasing an air bed frame you should keep in mind.  First make sure the frame is designed do that your air mattress will be a good snug fit.  It is not uncommon for people to make the mistake of buying a frame that does not fit correctly because they did not keep in mind the dimensions of their air mattress.

Also, it is important to consider the amount of weight the frame will need to support.  Each air mattress will have a weigh it is designed to hold and the same goes for the air frames.  If you have a queen size air mattress or even the larger king version consider carefully what the weight of two people might be.  These are mattress designed for two or more people that are generally taller and larger than most.  Make sure your frame will accommodate the weight it may have to support.


Queen Size Air Mattress
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